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(COMMERCIAL INSURED 2016 HONDA CIVIC) Riverside Driving School servicing Upper Manhattan New York with the highest quality of driving instruction (dual brake). Superior customer service is our core value, giving the community the most reliable and trustworthy service available. NYC can be very busy but trust that our School will start you off the right way! Also be advised that it is very important to keep safety first, please listen to the instructor and do not speed during the lesson. Please click and read the three bullet points for important information about getting started!

Riverside Driving School

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Leaving Curb

  • Seat belt first!
  • Mirror positions and adjustments
  • Seat and Steering Wheel adjustment
  • Turn signal, check side mirror and check blind spot


  • 3 point turns
  • Parallel Parking
  • Correct left / right and U turns (optional)
  • Parking for uphill and downhill (optional)
  • Use signal and approach slowly

Vehicle Control

  • Slow down smooth and accelerating smoothly
  • Turn wheel smoothly
  • Defensive Driving skills
  • Accident avoidance
  • Avoiding getting citations

Driving in traffic

  • Variations of stop lights
  • Safe Driving habits
  • Driving the speed limits
  • Correct stops at stop signs and street lights
  • Respect for other Drivers and not driving to closely
  • Anticipate actions of pedestrians and potential hazards

Turning & Intersections

  • Good judgment approaching intersections (speed, turning, stopping, observing and signal)
  • Left turn, stopping in intersection
  • Turning into correct lane
  • Observing signs

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    Manhattan pickup locations only

    Tel.: 347-991-2391

    Email: riversidedrivingschool@gmail.com