Safety First!

At Riverside Driving School, safety is our most important concern for you. This is why our instruction course goes fully in depth about all safety practices of defensive driving both on and off the road. Our instructors are specifically chosen based on their level of safety.The first lesson with your student’s private driving instructor will go over the basics of safety before ever leaving the driveway. By the end of the course,you should expect yourself to be a responsible and efficient driver on the knowledge of the legal road laws, and even more importantly, safe driving practices.

Pass the Test:

The goal of our world class instructors is to help you understand what it takes to pass the driving tests. Each session is customized to the student’s learning abilities and skill level. In doing so, you should have an in depth comprehension of the rules and regulations you will use in real road situations. There’s a reason the DMV recognizes our company, Riverside Driving School, as a premier learning center.

Our course will provide you with practice tests and even questions that will appear on the DMV state test to prepare you for the real tests to acquire your learner’s permit and Driver’s License. We want you to feel comfortable drivingon today’s busy roads. Your instructors are professionals in driver training and will have the patience to make sure you learn at your own pace. We only focus on what you will need to feel confident and ready to go get your Driver License!

Information about our Courses:

Riverside Driving School specializes in teaching you what you will need to get your ​NY Learners Permit ​and ultimately your​ NY Driving License​. Our classes will help you learn the ropes, here is some primary information you need to know to get started.

● Get your required behind the wheel driving time ​at the lowest rate in New York.
● Multiple Pick up locations, Main Pick up location at Columbus Circle (59 st & 8th ave)
● Packages available depending on your budget and what you need to get your license.
● Riverside Driving School vehicles are brand new and fully insured! Dual brake is installed to insure the instructor and the student are both completely safe!